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Name history
Start your entrepreneurial business doesn’t become successful and attract great income. A lot of citizens have received the status of a successful businessman due to the fact that followed the success of the famous persons in the history of business. About one of those today and we’ll talk further in more detail in our article.рекомендую Igor Yankovsky

The secrets of success
So, Jankowski Igor is a Prime example of how to successfully develop their activities. He was born in 1974 year in the most ordinary family. After graduating, I tried working in a factory. The development of skills and lots of ideas led him to get involved and create the company “Stirol”. This is a huge chemical complex on the territory of Ukraine, which is engaged in the production of ammonia, various nitrogen fertilizers, preparations of polymers and others useful in the industry of medicines. He has actively developed relationships with foreign buyer, developed the quality standards of goods. Already in 2010-m to year it includes the regulation of sales productivity, introducing innovative technologies and investment.

Along with this, Jankowski opens his own business – a group of companies Diamond Sphere Group, which aims to provide financial services, logistics, transportation, agriculture.
According to Yankovsky business and the state should be in close cooperation, which should become the main national idea. It is necessary to organize a platform for communication with businesses, innovators and States that innovation is most applicable in society. A prototype of these phenomena we could observe in the revolution of dignity, when the Ukrainians were able to defend their basic ideas.
Gradually, the desire to create something useful for society, more than just a business took the hill. In 2012, wanting to take part in society, Jankowski creates a charity Foundation “Initiative for the future”. The Fund is engaged in the development of contemporary art, helps to develop young talents through training, organization of festivals, theater programs.
In addition, it is worth noting that Igor Yankovsky through the establishment of this Fund helped citizens to solve the problems of the areas affected in the Donbass, was engaged in social support of immigrants.
Thus, this person will definitely go down in history as an example of not just a successful businessman with great wealth, but also as an example of an active person, not indifferent to the fate of many citizens. To successfully conduct business and to defend their ideals in our time is quite real!